Ride your own wave.

Why it's so important to focus on your own path.


They say its like running. You cant run a race when you keep looking back.

To me, running a business or building a career is just the same. You cant focus on your own, if you keep focusing on others. Getting inspired is one thing, but fear or envy will not get you where you want to be.

The past years Ive struggled with this fear of competition a lot, until I realized we live in a fast forward society where youre one click away from anything you want to buy - search for, or get inspired by.

When you realize this and stand still to the fact that we are millions of people on this planet with usually one goal: 'live a happy and fulfilled life', you will quickly see that all things that look the same, are actually not.

You know how they have 10s or 100s of coffee bars in every city these days, but you keep going to that one place where the music is funky, where the smell of fresh baked goodies welcomes you and where they smile even if theyre having a shitty day?

Well, every business out there could be compared to your favorite coffee house. The way to stand out is not only by the product or service you sell, but the atmosphere you create. The little extra cookie you give. The listening ear when you feel a customer could use a talk

So why would you keep comparing yourself to others or look at others as competition, if you actually have the reigns in your own hands and realize most of your customers come to you, for you?

The best example I can give, are my loyal customers/retailers. All of them buy our brands but none of them would style their collection the same way, greet their customers the same way or run their social media the same way.

Were all different (luckily), and the importance of reminding ourselves that we are different can actually drive us to keep working on our flaws and always strive to be the best version of ourselves.

The last thing I want to share about this common topic these days, is that envy or greed is not the path to choose when youre building a career or building your business.

Choosing materialism over happiness and content with the smaller things in life, will soon catch up on you. For example: youve been dreaming of that luxury bag or fast car your neighbor or friend has been showing off lately and you keep wondering how they do it, if you will have it one day or if you should just buy it right away to make you feel like youre worthyor better.

If or when you feel this way, remember that youre not defined by your possessions and youll never be.

Think about this: will driving that luxury car or sporting that new bag bring you longterm happiness or content? Im sure it will for a while, but as all things in life, the bag or the car will soon become just a bag or just a car youre driving as youll get used to it. The next thing youll do, is want a new car or a new bag to fill up the need for more & more.. over and over again. 

Whenever I feel Im not moving fast enough or everything is not going how I want it to, I try to think about the things I just mentioned above and it reminds me to stay grounded, patient and most of all, to stay thankful for what Ive done already and what goals Ive set up for myself.

We all grow and we all deal with things in life, but the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and remember to DO YOU as youre the master of it all and only YOU can decide which path to choose in order to stay happy and feel fulfilled in your own way.

Inspired by life, brought to you with love.

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You are the creator of your life :-) <3

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