The monster called Migraine.

How to tackle & prevent migraines.


First things first, if you dont know what migraine is and what it does to your body, heres a little break down.

Its important to know that migraine headache, the auras (the signs your body gives before the headache starts) and the pain that come with it are caused by abnormal brain activity.

The exact chain of events remain unclear but most medical experts believe the attack begins in the brain and involves nerve pathways and chemicals. The changes in the brain then affect the blood flow and surrounding tissues which result in PAIN.

Migraine is caused by many things but until today no-one has actually found the real trigger as every migraine patienthas their own triggers.

For some its caused by alcohol or certain foods. For many it is caused by hormonal changes or stress and the fact our body and mind can only take so much.

The best way to find your trigger is to keep a diary so you recognize a certain pattern and can change it in order to take control of your migraine attacks

I had my first aura followed by a migraine attack a few years ago while driving.

It was scary and actually caused a panic attack as my vision got blurry while I was driving.

I managed to arrive home safely and called my doctor who immediately told me I was having a migraine attack and should lie down in a dark and silent room.

He arrived a few hours later and gave me medication which helped relieve the pain but actually gave me palpitations and made me feel dizzy.

It was one of the triptan based medicines many people receive on prescription to ease migraines but I soon felt I could not rely on those pills as they would take the pain away but still tackled my body and ruined my day as I wasnt able to work properly. 

I soon found out my migraines were caused by hormonal changes, bad posture due to hours of driving on a daily basis and high stress levels.

As my migraines usually started with pain between the shoulders that would lead to a spot in my neck and then follow a certain line to arrive above one of my eyes, I found myself going to an osteopath for the fist time as I heard this might actually treat the cause and not the symptoms.

My first visit lead to months without migraines which until today Im extremely thankful for.

Years later I still have migraines from time to time but looked further and tried many things like a visit to an acupuncturist.

I can tell you that my first encounter was sceptic until I realized my acupuncturist knew more about me than myself, without saying a word.

He took a look at my tongue and knew exactly what was wrongand confronted me with it. As a business owner, partner, friend, daughter, I was carrying too much weight on my shoulders and my body was just telling me to take a step back.

Many energies where blocked which caused other symptoms except for migraine and I quickly learned it was time for a shift. Every organ has a certain energy or chakra and can actually be blocked which can cause dysfunctions and several symptoms. I know this sounds crazy to many people, but I can tell you I felt an immediate difference after my first visit and I encourage you to learn more about your body so you can understand how to take care of it.

Its like the saying that goes You have 2 homes: earth and your body. Take care of them.

Until today I experience migraine attacks from time to time and sometimes heavier than others. I do still keep my prescription medication nearby, just in case the attack is too heavy to deal with but Ive learned what I can do to sooth the attacks and to stop them.

In our next Health Lab, well be sharing tips to decrease stress levels, set up a morning and evening routine including a good body stretch and well be sharing our go-to addresses when it comes to alternative medicine and mental health care to keep you going strong. 

I truly hope this blog will make you feel like youre not alone and will be able to give you some perspective in order to take control of your body & health.

If you have any tips on how to tackle The Monster Called Migraine, feel free to share them in the comment section below or send us your tips at

Inspired by life, brought to you with love.

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